Progress has been made, but Dr. Martin Luther King's Dream has not yet been fully realized.

Students still do not see enough examples of young, college-educated, successful minorities. We believe this situation erodes students' belief in the power of their own dreams, putting a ceiling on their potential.

But the perceived shortage is far worse than the reality. Young successful minorities do exist:

  • Businesspeople
  • Lawyers
  • Doctors
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Public Servants

Yet often these examples do not rise above the noise of contemporary cultural expectations. Their stories do not reach students' ears.

Our message is self-empowerment. We will inspire the next generation, remind them to dream—through messengers who can most relate to their struggle.

All of our speakers are:

  • Young
  • Minorities
  • College graduates
  • Experienced speakers
  • Graduates of public high schools

* Speakers include: Rhodes Scholar Finalists, slam poets, & speech champions; bios available upon request.

** Topic determined by client (past ones include personal responsibility, motivation, education, and youth).

*** Donation amount determined upon booking.